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About Us

Some might say it was the classic American story. It started with a New York boy’s love for the mountains and yearning for the perfect East Coast Bagel. After meeting Patty in Boulder, they headed back to the East Coast to master the craft of the bagel.

What started as a small store off of Broadway has grown to a Boulder staple. While Patty and John mixed the dough and baked the bagels, their kids sampled the strawberry cream cheese to make sure it came out just right. As the kids grew, the shop followed suit going from one to two, then three and four.

Always putting in that extra effort and touch of love is what has made Moe’s so special. Even today, John is awake by 3 a.m. to make sure the bagels are hot and fresh and it is a rare day when Patty is not at her stores to greet the regulars.  On Thursdays, the entire family gathers to make the weekly Challah bread. What began as a simple love of bagels and way to make ends meet has continued to grow and evolve within the family and community that supports it.